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Lure Angler Magazine

The society's magazine is published quarterly and is a valuable source of information and interest regarding lure fishing. The majority of the content is generated by its own members and covers every aspect of the sport from tackle and techniques to any and every species of predatory (and not so predatory ) fish that will take an artificial lure.
Game, coarse and sea fish are regularly featured as are articles on fishing in other parts of the world. Occasional features by Japanese, US and European anglers give a different perspective on the techniques and lures used in other cultures.

If you would like to have your article published in the Lure Angler magazine here are a few guidelines: 


Lure fishing – obviously. Absolutely anything remotely connected to the sport. Tackle, tactics, the fish we are trying to catch, the weather, anecdotes, humour (moderately polite is good), buying/selling, British, foreign, travel. Coarse, game, sea, shore, boat – all potential areas warranting articles.

How many words?

The ideal length for a Lure Angler article is between 750 and 1500 words. This is long enough to get your points across, but short enough to allow room in the magazine for the widest possible range of subjects and plenty of pictures. If what you have to say really warrants more than that, then write more than that. We can always serialise it if necessary.

Spelling & Grammar 

Irrelevant. We can tidy it up if necessary, and people are far more interested in what you have to say, than whether or not your spelling and grammar would get you into Eton. We are anglers first and journalists last.

How to submit an article?

By e-mail: Write your article in Microsoft Word, Works or some other word processing programme and e-mail it straight to

On Disc: Alternatively you can burn it onto a cd or dvd and post it to us. This second option might suit you best if you are not on broadband and have a lot of photographs.

By Post: If you have no computer, we are very happy to receive submissions that are written (legibly) in longhand. It helps considerably, if you only write on every second line. This makes it easier to read and allows room for notes.


Yes please. If you have them, send as many as you have. If you haven’t, don’t worry, we have a large data-base of our own that we can use to illustrate your subject matter. If you only have prints or slides, that is fine. Send them in and we will scan and return them asap.

Digital Photographs: If you are sending them in on a disc then leave them as you took them. If you are sending them in by e-mail, you may need to reduce the file size, either by saving them at a lower quality or a smaller size. However you do it, the larger the file size the better, even if that means sending each one on a separate e-mail. Aim for a file size of around 1 mb or more. At the end of the day, we would rather you sent in whatever you have and if there is a problem, we can sort it out from there.

Letters and Feedback

Are always welcome. If people don’t let us know what they want to read about or what they do or don’t like, then we have to guess. E-mails are fine and we will print any that are sent in for publication.